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Bespoke Wedding Rings

Using state of the art CAD technology we are able to create your vision with exceptional precision. 

To really enhance your engagement ring it is sometimes necessary to have a shaped or cut to fit wedding ring to sit perfectly next to it, or you could have an intricately designed engagement ring that would work well with a matching wedding ring. In these cases we would take a 3D scan of your ring and then our expert designers will produce computer designs showing how the two rings sit together. What is so great about this is that you can say how wide you may want it, how many and what size stones where applicable and any other ideas you may want to incorporate, and you then get to see your design before going in to production, allowing you to make any alterations if necessary. This ensures that the final product is exactly as you had imagined it and you can get really hands on with the design process. The best bit of this is we wouldn't need your engagement ring for the whole process, we simply scan it and send it back whilst the rest of the design and production takes place. 

This process doesn't only work well when making rings to match engagement rings but it also great for those who just can't find what they want on the high street, we often have customers telling us they like a certain style but want it changed slightly to suit their taste and vision.

Our bespoke service can take up to 8 weeks depending on any design alterations that take place. 

To begin an online consultation you can send us an email to enquiries@theweddingringstore.co.uk  or message us via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/theweddingringstore where you can also view our portfolio!